‘Digital’ Jubilee Government Invites Tenders For Typewriters

March 14, 2014

ardhiIn a strange and odd move, the ministry of Lands has invited tenders for typewriters and duplicators.
In this digital era of super computers, such equipment is considered obsolete and raises curious questions as to why the ministry, formed under a digital platform, would require the office machines.
The ministry is seeking 25 type writers and duplicators which is odd considering computers are widely available, affordable and more efficient.
The tenders placed by the ministry’s public works directorate, of which 30 % is specifically set aside for youth, women and the disabled, is mandated to source and list suppliers for common user items for all government entities.
All eligible bidders are invited to supply the items to government ministries and departments in the 47 counties for one year. Other items needed include foodstuff, camping equipment, timber and bicycles.

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