Anyang Nyong’o – We Thought Lupita Would Grow To Be a Thief

March 14, 2014

lupita-dad5On Thursday night, Jeff Koinange hosted Anyang Nyong’o on his show. The senator has been at the centre of two big stories these past two weeks, and am surprised he has not been doing interviews.
First, the ODM elections were interrupted by some ‘men in black’. He was the party Secretary General and probably the right person to answer the questions. His daughter Lupita then won an Oscar and has been on everyone’s lips since.
We have heard her story countless times, and yesterday we got an opportunity to hear another perspective.
Anyang Nyong’o recounted the moment Lupita’s name was announced, saying they could not believe it. Together with his wife Dorothy and Lupita’s manager, the professor was seated at the back of hall.
“It was heart rendering, we couldn’t believe it. We just stood up and hugged.” he said.
He wondered whether this is the little girl they brought up.
The senator said that his daughter has always taken acting very seriously, starting way back in kindergarten. She could always perform tricks on them. “My wife once told me that this girl will grow up to be a thief.” he said.
Asked about the amount of money Lupita is making, Anyang Nyong’o pledged ignorance, just like on her love life. He however suggested that the K’naan’s dating rumours may just be speculations.
Jeff wanted to know when his famous daughter is setting foot into Kenya, to which the senator replied that she may be busy for a while. That was perhaps the biggest hint that Lupita may be working on a new movie.
Though Anyang Nyong’o admitted he did not have the opportunity to step on the red carpet, he did have his moment at the Dolby Theatre.

Sidney Poiter

“I met sidney Poiter and I had wanted to meet him since I was in high school. I told him I watched him on guess who is coming to dinner.” he said.

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