REVEALED – Saitoti’s Grave is Worth Over 5.5 Million!

March 3, 2014

saitotiAs much as some people may love to sugar-coat it, we were not born equal. Our families are totally different, with some literally swimming in money, while others languish in poverty. However, as one of my philosophical friends keeps reminding me, our circumstances do not define us, we decide our destiny. After all is done, we follow the path of all living things, death.
In death we’re obviously equal, right? wrong.
While some are given what you would call a normal send off, others like the late Saitoti rest in millions.
No expense was spared in building the former minister’s final resting place. His grave is said to be surrounded by marbles, with an expert, Gacaga Mwania, telling Nairobian Newspaper  that the cost could have been as high as Sh470,000.
“The stones come in three types; blue pearl, black marble and white marble. Black marble is the cheapest going for ksh 120,000 while white marble is the most expensive costing more than Ksh 470,000. Blue pearls cost around 450,000.”
A stone trader revealed that the stones in Saitoti’s grave were all imported totaling to about 5.5 million minus the mausoleum.
“All of the marble and designers in George Saitoti’s grave came from abroad. The grave minus the mausoleum is worth over 5.5 million.” he said.
Additional reporting by The Nairobian

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