Rabbit Gives Back, Visits Brethren Children’s Home

March 20, 2014

kaka1Rabbit is arguably one of the best rappers on the rap scene right now; his lingual prowess is unmatched and his swag is top shelf. Apart from his dope performances and his sick lyrics, Rabbit is also known for his philanthropy.
Last Sunday, the rapper, in the company of friends and members of Dream campaign, visited the Brethren Children’s home in Kahawa West. The theme of the trip was ‘Train The Child’ and the ligi soo rapper took the opportunity to hang out and interact with the unfortunate kids.
“I have had this organization for a while now and we always have trips each month. It’s just a way to give back and make life happier for the kids, and not only do we visit and donate things to the children, we also have themes set up each time, and this time its ‘Training the child’ this is to ensure that the kids also learn something from us,” he said.
Apparently, the rapper visits children’s homes each month and if you want to take part in this noble gesture, this is how you can contact him.
“This is something we do each month so if all the spaces are taken, people are always welcome to join in next time. Just call 0710882045 to book a space and come with your contribution,” he concluded.
Here are some photos of Rabbit hanging out with some of the kids.

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