PHOTOS – The Dark Side Of Marya Never Seen Before

March 27, 2014

maryaMarya is one of the hottest musicians we have in the entertainment scene. Her body is artistically curved and her smile is to die for. However, after her relationship with Mustapha ended, Marya sank into stress mode and she drastically gained weight. If you are one of those dudes drooling over her, don’t stress, she has since bounced back to the sweet sexy Marya we used to know.
In other news, you know how people say that everyone has a dark side only known to them? The same goes for the Ogopa signee. She has a dark gothic side that you have never seen before. She slid into that side of her in a resent photoshoot with shoot factory and the result can only be described in one word, epic.
Check her out.

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