Nick Mutuma Opens Up About Working For G4S

March 21, 2014

If you thought Nick Mutuma was handed everything on a silver platter, you better think again. He had to hustle and struggle like everyone else.
Before he became the superb actor he is today, Nick started off as a model and on one instance, he worked for G4s.
nickApparently, the company was introducing new uniforms, the ones they wear today, and they needed to showcase them to their staff and clients. That’s where Nick came in. He showcased the uniform on the runway and as he narrates, he wore the whole outfit including the hat, a rungu and boots.
“I even walked the runway with the ‘rungu” he said during an interview with Sheila Mwanyigha during the AM Live .
Not even his role in the TV series shuga came easy, he went through auditions like anyone else despite rumors that he was favored by the producers.
“I went for auditions like everyone and I had to go through a three day rigorous audition period to nail that role.” He said.
On whether he has a girlfriend, Nick revealed that he was in a relationship for 2 years but they have since broken up. He however insisted that they are still friends, referring to Bridget Shighadi.

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