Kriss Erroh – Kenya Has Talent But Lacks Financial Muscle

March 18, 2014

Kris Eeh BabaJust the other day, one of my pals was comparing the Kenyan entertainment industry to that in the US and the thing that stood out was finances. We have equal talent but no one is ready to invest heavily in it and gospel singer Kris Erroh shares these sentiments.
Kris feels that there are so many talented artists but the entertainment industry lacks proper structures to expose and maximise on them.
Stayed all night watching stage performances from all over Africa. I think Kenya needs to invest more on their arts…both film and music at large. So much potential being lost because there are no structures to support the talent and ambitions of the gifted. Just the other day our film circle scored 5 awards in an African award ceremony….how much more can we hack when we have the financial Muscle…?
Hopefully it will not always be like this.
Additional reporting by uliza links.

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