EABL To Lay off 100 Employees

March 19, 2014

EABLIn the next few weeks, East Africa Breweries Limited will lay off about 100 employees in their main subsidiary – Kenya Breweries Limited.
The management is looking to restructure its staff to cope with high operational cost. Trouble began when the Government imposed taxes on the KEG senator almost doubling its retail price, making it unaffordable for its target market. As a result, the company sales dipped by 85 percent.
In a bid to cope with the high drop in sales, the management has decided to set up new departments, absorb some employees and unfortunately fire some.
“The employees have been informed about the changes and how it will impact them,” said Eric Kiniti, the corporate relations director of KBL.
“The restructuring will also result in some new roles being created and the impacted employees will be considered for the new roles,” he added.
Mr Kiniti has defended the move saying that it is in line with the company’s performance ambition and overall business strategy.
The company is also looking to introduce some new products to help cope with high sales drop.

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