Gospel Artiste Kris Eh Baba Accuses MCSK of Stealing From Him

March 19, 2014

kris2The Music Copyrights Society of Kenya (MCSK), which is tasked with looking out for artistes in the country, has come under sharp criticism from yet another artist.
Just days after rapper Abbas fired shots at the organization for pocketing artists’ money through a published petition, gospel singer Kriss Eh Baba has accused MCSK of blatantly stealing from him. According to him, MCSK are urban crooks, those that wear suits.
“I wont even go to the music scene cos hata MCSK yenye inafaa kuwa inanitetea kama msanii yuanibia live live. Dont get me wrong registering with MCSK has its own benefits thats why am registered but pia wako na ukora urban ile kuibiwa na mtu amevaa suti,” reports Vibeweekly.

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