Ciku Muiruri Reveals Why She Will Not Be Seeing Her Man For 40 Days

March 11, 2014

cikuThe lent season is here. For those of you who have no idea what that is, let me shed some light. Lent is a time for prayer and fasting. It is meant to bring one closer to their God ahead of the Easter season. During the season, one is supposed to give up something dear to them for forty days as a sign of sacrifice. Consider yourself informed, you can thank me later. Anyway, you won’t believe what Ciku Muiruri is sacrificing… Her man.
In an article on Zuqka, the former classic 105 presenter revealed that in the past, she has given up things like television and social media but this would definitely be a challenge for her.
“Over the years I have given up alcohol, social media activity, TV-one has to keep getting creative,” she says. “This year i am giving up someone and not something.That should be interesting and difficult which is the point I guess, sacrifice. He does not know yet, but he will when he reads this. I am going 40 days without you. How will I live? You are figuratively my air, water and shelter from this cruel world,” she wrote.
There is a reason it is called a sacrifice right?

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