Matatu Owners To Collect 1 Million Signatures To Remove Kidero From Office

March 11, 2014

Kidero-slaps-us-allI would really hate to be Kidero right now. This guy seems to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. First, he was in trouble for slapping Shebesh outside his office. Luckily for him, they settled the matter out of court.
Just when he was starting to enjoy some peace and quiet, the matatu strike happened, and it paralysed all transport in the city. The strike has since ended but it looks like the Matatus Owners Association is not through with him. They have now threatened to collect over 1 million signatures to remove him from office if he does not revise the increased parking fees.
Mr Peter Kiige, chairman of Nairobi Metropolitan PSV Saccos Union, threatened that they had the numbers and they know how to go about it.
“We will get agents to mobilise people to come out and provide signatures. We already know where to have our stations and we will not backtrack once we begin the campaign,” he said.
“The same vehicle is being used to service loans. We have rent to pay and families to take care of. Indeed, we have really been pressed as a result of the new rates and some of us may as well close business,” he added.
It remains to be seen if these plans will actualize.

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