Sad Joke Lands Ciku Muiruri in Trouble

March 31, 2014

ciku muiruiriFormer Classic 105 presenter Ciku Muiruri was not spared by the public after she posted a joke on Facebook about the Malaysian plane that disappeared a few weeks ago. Ciku had shared a story that suggested the Malaysian plane had been found after being hijacked by the prince of Saudi Arabia, bringing to an end a 12-day search for the boeing 777.
Here is the story she shared on her Facebook account.
cikuBelow are comments written by angry Kenyans who saw nothing funny in the joke.
 Shiku Mukuru: Anyone making jokes about this should be ashamed of themselves. Those people missing are someone’s daughter, son, husband, wife etc
Catherine Njoroge: Family and frnds of sm 239 pple have spend the last 12 days in agony ciku. Joke abt the weather or even beta help erica with her homework dnt post such stale joke.
Anne Peere small: whats funny???how can you make a joke over a serious issue like this?those who made the joke en you who posted it need to think twice.
Mercy Njeri: Human beings r very strange,do u realize how many pple r having sleepless nyt wondering where their loved ones r?this is not smthng u can make fun of 239 pple that no one knows where they could be and all pple can do is make fun of it………….
Aggie Njiruh: Mtcheeew!! SADDIST!!!nkt wats funny in al thse???
Augustus Makana:Cant believe with all your senses u saw this something to post when families out there are going thru a hard tym u fully have a cold hrt!!
So next time before you share a story on Facebook think twice or you will be on the receiving end.

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