Brenda Wairimu’s Reveals How She Started Off Life In Nairobi

March 21, 2014

brendMali actress Brenda Wairimu’s story is not what you would expect. When she first came to Nairobi, she used to baby sit her big sister’s children.
The Mombasa born actress revealed that during that period of her life, she did not have much to do and her work was only to take care of the kids until they left for school and take care of them again after school. This prompted her to get a job as a dentist assistant which she did until she enrolled into campus.
Brenda revealed that she always wanted to be a veterinary doctor as she grew up, but the idea of inseminating cows scared her and she opted to do International Business Management at USIU.
Her rise to the top was no easy task. She says she missed lots of acting roles because directors said her look was not right, she was either too short or too light. Her big break came when she landed the Changing times role because the directors were looking for a swahili girl and Brenda’s was perfect for the role.
She revealed how the role attracted close to 800 people during auditions. She had to endure the heat, stuffiness and the long queue, with her bored friends leaving her.
A few days later on seeing secular- turned gospel singer Size 8 at the show, her heart sunk with the assumption that she had lost that role to her. It turned out that Size 8, who she had seen at the auditions, was picked for a different role.
The beginning of her big things came days later after she received ‘the call’ from the producers. The producer and director who had penciled in her role for only two or three episodes were so impressed they extended Brenda’s role in the script.
Speaking about her romance with rapper Juliani, she confirmed they had broken up.
Brenda who lives by the mantra, Believe Begin Become, urged young people to not be afraid to chase their dreams even when things are not going well as she herself had to endure difficulties. One of her most difficult times was when in a pilot show, she had to interview Lupita but it did not quite take off.

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