Anglican Archbishop Eliud Wabukala Behind Kidero-Shebesh Reconciliation

February 4, 2014

kidero-and-shebeshAfter months of negotiations, accusations and counter-accusations, Shebesh finally forgave Kidero on Sunday following the September slap. With rumours that Shebesh was asking for 100 million shillings to drop all charges, there had been speculation that the two finally agreed on an acceptable fee before the public forgiveness. So exactly how did it happen.
Apparently, Kidero has Anglican Archbishop Eliud Wabukala to thank. The Archbishop has been mediating behind locked doors. According to Nairobi News, the three have met on four occasions in a bid to strike a truce. Wabukala says it was not an easy endeavour; they were sometimes forced to stay up late but their dedication finally bore fruits.
” I want to thank her for that bold step. We are immensely grateful for the two leaders because it was not an easy thing to get them to agree on this. The reconciliation talks could sometimes go late in the night.” he said.
Shebesh praised the archbishop adding that she was very grateful that their ‘tug of war’ was finally over. She added that the deal would  have been struck weeks ago were it not for brokers who were out to cash in on their saga.
“We have been talking for the last three weeks but there have been many stumbling blocks in the form of political and business interests.” She said.
She also denied claims that she had been paid off to drop the case.
” If you forgive with conditions you have not forgiven, it means you are holding a knife behind their back. That is why I have made it clear from day one, I do not need anybody to come and tell me to forgive Kidero on this conditions.” She remarked after a church service at Christian Outreach centre in Mwiki, Kasarani Constituency.
Kidero expressed his gratitude and has pledged to work with her for the better good of the Nairobi County.
” I want to thank you very much for  your forgiveness. May God bless you as we settle this issue. I will work with you very closely for the Nairobi people in achieving the mandates for which we were elected. God bless.”
The cases against them are expected to be withdrawn this week.

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