Ngina Kenyatta Attended Safaricom Jazz Festival Without Security

February 28, 2014

ngina kenyattaThe President’s family is normally under heavy security all the time which ends up affecting their social lives. It is the curse that comes with being the most powerful family in the land. In this times when crime is on the rise and terrorist threats rampant, you won’t believe what the first daughter Ngina Kenyatta did.
During the Safaricom International Jazz festival that went down last Sunday, Ngina attended the event without her security personnel anywhere in sight. Apparently, she was dropped by a black Range Rover together with her pals after which it left leaving her with no security whatsoever. They enjoyed the festival at the VIP tent and she is said to have bought the people around drinks.
She was later picked by the same Range Rover and just like her dad, she could not help but wave to onlookers as she left. Many were heard commending her for her humility. Others however felt that she was putting her life at great risk.
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Photo by Eye-con Photography

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