DJs Take a Hit At Kenyan Musicians For Their Whack Music

February 18, 2014

DJ-Joe-Mfalme-2Kenyan deejays have come under criticism from local musicians for allegedly not supporting their music and preferring international music. The DJs have now hit back with an explanation to this.
According to DJ Joe, some of the music Kenyan artists put out there is low quality and thats the main reason why it will never make it to his playlist.
“I look for quality and standards and not everybody meets that criteria. We are in an era where we don’t try anymore. It’s either you make it or you don’t. So, we are not compromising on who or what music to play. After all, it goes down to the masses. It’s about rocking the crowd. Most of our artistes are lazy and lack creativity. A good song and a video will get you there but if you don’t risk to get that, then don’t expect your songs to be played around… It’s nothing personal, it’s about how the industry runs.” He told SDE
DJ Split echoed Joe’s sentiments, saying quality is everything to him.
“Personally, I don’t just play every song – I play quality songs. The beats and the mastering are some of the qualities I look out for before I play a song. Unfortunately, most of our Kenyan songs, especially from the upcoming artistes, lack in this. They are poorly produced. An artiste should select a studio and a producer who understands their ideas. You don’t go to a studio because of its name, or its repute for producing big artistes; they may never get you quality stuff despite all the fame,” says DJ Split.
There you have it. If you are a Kenyan artist wondering why your music isn’t played often, improve on your quality.

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