Bernsoft Music Cancels Direct Financial Support For All Its Artists

February 4, 2014

KIOKOLooks like Ogopa Djs is not the only recording stable having money problems. Bernsoft Music group recently announced that it will no longer directly finance any music videos or related music initiatives for its artists.
Speaking to the standard, Bernsoft CEO Bernard Kioko, said that the recording stable did not have the financial might to finance artists’ music videos directly. Thus, they have decided to partner with able and willing organisations.

“At Bernsoft Group, we have spent enormous resources in helping local artistes achieve their dreams and plans by financing their music initiatives. Obviously, we cannot meet the demand alone. It’s overwhelming! We also understand that we need to be part of the industry and work with other parties that have similar abilities.”

He further revealed that Bernsoft , in a bid to increase its financial base, was partnering with the  Music Industry Association of Kenya.

“MIAK will be the official voice of the industry that will engage with other industry partners in supporting the collective good of every music industry player. There has been a lot of talk and little action in the past. This association will change that. The most valuable investment that you can give the association on a personal level is supporting it,” he said.

He also encouraged  the two sides of music, the business side and the creative side, to work together in harmony and coordination for the betterment of the Kenyan music industry.

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