Woman Gives Birth in Supermarket Parking Lot While Husband Shops

January 6, 2014


While a man was perusing the aisles of a central Florida Walmart Thursday, his wife gave birth to their fourth child in the parking lot, much to the surprise of their three daughters in the car.

But don’t worry, it’s not like the dad popped into the store to buy a few beers on the way to the hospital. Police say that his wife’s water broke after he entered the Walmart, which will be providing the family with gift cards and baby-friendly goods. Even though it was a quick shopping trip, the few minutes were all it took for his wife to birth their baby boy. The father only realized what happened when he left the store and saw his children yelling at him to get to the car.
This is hardly the world’s first Walmart baby. In 2013 alone, a baby was born in a Georgia Walmart’s bathroom in January, one was born in a New York Walmart’s pharmacy in March, one was born in a Colorado Walmart’s bathroom in August, and another was born in an Oklahoma Walmart’s parking lot in October during the couple’s drive back from a local hospital that said it wasn’t go-time yet.
We should say that there should be a movie about this phenomenon, but Hollywood has been there done that.

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