List of Facebook Pages Being Monitored By Police For Informing on Alcoblow Whereabouts

January 23, 2014

With the re-introduction of alcoblow to curb drunk driving, there have emerged several Facebook pages and at least one Twitter account alerting drunk drivers of police whereabouts, with an aim of helping them avoid arrest.
Traffic Police have now warned that they are closely monitoring such pages. Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru identified the pages as Facebook pages, ‘Alcoblow watch’ and ‘Alcoblow updates’.

Alcoblow Updates Facebook page

alcoblow 2
Alcoblow Watch Facebook Page

Kimaru added that no drunk motorist will evade the law. “We are monitoring the pages. We are also deploying police to different locations after a few minutes to avoid this.” says Kimaru. “We are happy with the results so far and we are optimistic that this is going to help a lot in reducing accidents resulting from drunken driving.”
Statistic from the department show that Lang’ata Road, Westlands and Eastlands remain hotspots for drunk driving. The offence attracts a fine of Sh. 100,000 or a jail term not exceeding two years. As at January 15, sh. 1,975,000 was collected in fines and cash bail charges from culprits of drunk driving.
Additional reporting by Nairobi News

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