PHOTOS – Gospel Artist Involved In A Gruesome Road Accident.

January 28, 2014

Upcoming gospel singer Kenn EDDY Krezzi escaped death after he was involved in gruesome road accident.
The ‘miracle ‘ singer was coming from seeing his producer when a truck rammed into their car.

“Was just from meeting my producer Paul from planning the album recording stuff.with My friend Joe and bro Julius from Windsor,a truck ran into a stop sign while we were on the highway and drove into us.We almost rolled but God saved us.My brother got me out through the window and I got lots cuts from the windows.Thats how my face looks like.I have 14 stitches on my face but am all healthy.this made me thinking of how life is so precious and God loves me.Live everyday like it’s the last day on earth.God loves me..keep me in your prayers” he posted on his official Facebook page.

He also posted the following disturbing images.

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