Maina Njenga Promises To Reconcile Kidero and Shebesh

January 20, 2014

mainaFormer Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga has expressed interest to reconcile Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and Women rep Rachael Shebesh, because he thinks ‘greedy people want to benefit financially from the conflict’.
He apparently wants to offer himself free of charge to eventually bring the two together once and for all, “I will offer my time free of charge. They are leaders and the war we are seeing now is political and from instigated by external sources.” he said yesterday.
Mr. Njenga is set out to start his mission tomorrow if the two would not have reconciled in public yet. “On Tuesday,I will reach out to them. They must now stop this circus and work,” said Njenga.
Mr. Njenga, who is now a preacher, was speaking on the sidelines of his Hope International ministries in Kitengela. He said that the two two will eventually need to forgive one another willingly even if one is compensated and that the matter need not to be secret, as this means all is not well.
Additional reporting by Nairobi News

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