Raila Odinga, Guard of Honour From Gor Mahia, Prayers By Prophet Owuor etc… Details of Lupita Nyongo’s Homecoming Bash

January 20, 2014

lupiI bumped into this hilarious homecoming programme planned for Hollywood darling Lupita Nyong’o. She’s been winning awards everywhere and when she finally comes to Kenya, there should be one heck of a bash.
The cotej arrives with boying AK 47, afta kapten opening the door, Jupita stand on top of the grofa in the mouth of the eropleng and wave for the mammoth peoples who wait for her in the coldness or nairobi
3.05 am
Jupita flow from the gorofa of the eroplane and stand on the red kapet, a full red kapet and sek the and of the dignitaris ie Raila amolo odinga, barak osen obama, Profesa ma wuon mare itisi itisi
3.30 a.m
The Convoy catch mumbasa road coming slowly slowly to siti sengta people stand near the road to beat their eyes on nyasembwa. That time Jupita and co they are rimuv their heads in the hole in the head of the renjrova sipot, sechego witni yuston and opra winnie who have eskot nyaseme from amerka wil sout from the car GINIWASEKAO GINI WASEKAO GINIWASEKAO yes we can! yes we can!
4 am
The cotej araiv in ol sent kathridol for rakwim mass to pray for the cup of grammy, pasta who will pray is profet owuor after pray, the cotej gos to karen home of profesa achiel kende mosomo maloyo obama nyongo owadgi agiree
5.30 am
Gor mahia put a gad of honor wich nyaseme will suspect and honorebo Kadinol okus wa mabinju will introdus the generals of the green army.( by the way gor army have only generals onge gimoro ni kai private kia koblo, kia sajent at arm jogor tee gin general)
6 a.m
Jo army of gor will beat up hokas of atwara who come to sell for them kia baj mar nyaseme, kia piche mag okombe mag grammy kia piche baba jogor will beat them tharali antil they disapia tendeng.
8.00 am
Safar will start again with renjrofe, prete. lambogiche. hambe and all sorts of pawaful masins luos own in this ripablik the congvoy we look like the one wich take ouko makaseda to koru farm or take jaramogi to kango kucho
Programa of seme Ratta is still at the gavamend printer jus cold your heads it is coming””

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