Kenyans Reactions To The Upcoming Cougar Party

January 17, 2014

cougar partyWe’ve told you about the upcoming cougar party, scheduled for February 14th. Read about that HERE. The bash is scheduled for Valentines night.
Yesterday, Kenyans took their reactions to Twitter, and we’ve sampled a few.

There are men who will go to that Cougar Party and bump into their Mum, Aunt, neighbour, colleague or someone they know. Lol #Awkward – @Kym254
You go for that cougar party then meet your aunt you gon’ be rich forever. That weekly fee to shut up. LMFAO – @RamzZy_
@Kamakil: So y’all BIGWIGS are gonna pretend y’all don’t have complimentary tickets to the #cougarParty ?
@Mufatari: Kuna mama ya mtu Ata attend hio cougar party and the ninja is just here tweeting and retweeting.
Lots of Kenyan men as young as 23 are taking Viagra according to pharmacists. Meanwhile there is a Cougar party targeting men below 30 ONLY. – @VinieO
@GicheruGicheru: So what you are saying is that Cougar party has locked Joe Muchiri out? ok.
NOTE. that Cougar party is not for broke men under 30, its for young well groomed men who have no time for young girls. *marks calendar* – @GicheruGicheru
We are going to rock that party hard, them cougars are going to be “thanking the rord” for a year. Cougar Valentines Party. – @iFortknox
Cougar Valentines party in Karen, 2K entrance but only for men below 30? the dudes that want Cougars won’t part with 2K bruh bruh. – @RamzZy_
@magaribina: I object vehemently to this Cougar party. It is discriminatory to up-country cougars.” LMAO! As you move to Karen lol!
I love that COUGAR PARTY. If these women wanna take charge and provide for younger men then more power to them. Salute. -@mikeztyme
ive already met my couger via badoo and yes she will be there paying the 2000 for me – @mtunguyas
Hiyo party ukienda unapata Tukei ndani akizunguka na form ya kuchangisha pesa – @Makiadi_
Unaenda cougar party unapata joe muchiri amepiga magoti akililia mawatchi aingie ndani. – @Makiadi_
cougar party foreplay ni kutumwa. – @njiiru
Alai akienda cougar party ataambiwa aende aoshe vyombo – @Makiadi_
@JoeWMuchiri: that Cougar party is on Valentines day, basically for dudes with no girlfriends…
I don’t get this TL. So guys are getting 400 shs haircuts in preparation for a cougar party? – @sickolia_
#CougarParty unaenda Ku dance na mMama kwa Dancefloor, Ana kuuliza ka umeoga. – @Ambani_Saka

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