Kenyan Actress Lizz Nyagah Lands Two Roles in Upcoming Nigerian Movies

January 23, 2014

Talented Kenyan actress, Lizz Nyagah was reportedly missing during the successful premiere of “House of Lungula” in Nyali Cinemax in Mombasa last Friday the 17th of January. She and her husband, Alexandros Konstantaras produced the film, and it was expected she would be present for its premiere.
Alexandros reportedly mentioned to the audience during the premiere that Lizz was absent because she had to leave for Lagos, Nigeria, where she is expected to shoot two movies.
2014 seems to be a very busy year for Lizz as there are also rumours of her working on her directorial debut on a film that she is writing herself and will co-produce with a big media house in Kenya.
Here are photos of her in Lagos.
lizz with emanuel

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