Eric Omondi’s ‘Gayish’ Stunt on Churchill Show Disgusts Kenyans

December 4, 2013

In a country where homosexuality is abhorred, Eric Omondi must be one brave fella. On last week’s Churchill show, which aired on Sunday, the stand up comedian performed his thing while dressed like a lady.
Not that this is the first time, but in this instance, he even had some ‘breasts’.
To add on that, the OLX ambassador ‘catwalked’ on the prepared runway. 
As is characteristic of him, his jokes were about the ladies and their behaviour, and sure enough, his performance was convincingly feminine.
A lot of people took to Twitter, some wondering whether Eric has any friends to advise him.
Here were some tweets.

He was so gay RT @fayiErica: Haha ikr?”@ChepiTheOne: LMAOOO aki Eric Omondi daent have friends!! /o\”
— Dicksen (@_WessO_) December 1, 2013

Erick omondi for real you look so gay,jokes zako are so obvious !!!!!..!!!!
— Am different ™ (@DJ_X_Keymoney) December 1, 2013

Getting home switch on tv n here erick omondi looking gay. Tf?? #churchillshow
— Sun Of A Beach (@fellah_254) December 1, 2013

#Eric_Omondi #Smh so #gay aaaarrgh
— Marlone (@marloneo) December 1, 2013

Eric omondi though…fucking gay!
— Bree (@breebri2) December 1, 2013

Eric Omondi does have gay tendencies, like in today’s Churchill Show #GayAlert
— Kimani Njoroge (@pkimani) December 1, 2013

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