HILARIOUS – All The Sauti Sol Gay Jokes and Memes

November 19, 2013

Yesterday, some blog published a false story of Sauti Sol coming out of the closet. Apparently, one of the band members had confessed to the blogger that all of them are homosexual.
The band would later issue a statement denying the report, but the damage had already been done.

Kenyans on Twitter directed all their attention to the boy band whole day Monday.
Here are a few of the tweets and photos..

Money has been poured to destroy Sauti Sol 

Sauti Sol goes to hospital; Doctor: ‘what’s the problem?’ Sauti sol: ‘We are ASSthmatic. 

Its all fun and games till sauti sol start knocking on people’s door claiming they’re nyuma kumi 

If Sauti Sol members make a good joke, they got a good sense of nyumour. 

When Sauti Sol reform from being Gay they’ll do a remix with Kidum “Haturudi Nyuma Kamwe”. 

Sauti Sol’s fav food must be rasagna. 

So Sauti Sol wako na Nyuma Kumi Initiative? No? Ok, ntakaa ..  

Taxi akibeba sauti sol halafu wamshow afungue boot that’s a trick question.” 

why is sauti sol the butt of every joke today? 

Sauti sol should charged with crime against ‘nyumanity’ 

To sauti sol, every day is a ManDay” 

Meek mill raps like he is being chased by Sauti Sol 

Sauti sol started from the bottom literally 

sauti sol…..butt why??? 

Sauti sol ni mafan wa ASSenal 

Hawa sauti sol wakiimba blue uniform kumbe walikuwa wanaimbia ASSkari.”

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