Daisy and I Are Just Friends… TPF’s Fess Says

November 18, 2013

Rongai resident, Fess, was on Saturday evicted from Tusker Project Fame, alongside Uganda’s Sitenda.
In a later interview, Fess dismissed speculations that there was something between him and Uganda’s Daisy.
Here’s the interview.

1: How do you feel now that you have been evicted from the Academy?

The journey is over but I am glad for the opportunity.

2: What part of being in the Academy did you enjoy most?

All of it… The time hanging with the contestants and hanging with the faculty. That caliber of people I have spent time with in the Academy was so cool. I had great times with the faculty. Principal Eric was my favorite. I would probably never have got that chance to work with him were it not for TPF. That was totally worth it.

3: Who inside the Academy will you miss most?

Everyone. I will truly miss all of them all. Daisy, Hope, Kojjo… all of them

4: Any love interest in the Academy?

No (laughs) Daisy and I are just friends.

5: Are you planning on making that your future brand?

Fess is a brand. I intend on doing the full on entertainment thing and making it known that I am here to stay. I want to do the work. I came to TPF to make my uncle Martin proud. He passed away because of Cancer. I hope I made him proud. I plan on doing that even more after TPF. I am grateful for the platform, but now, this is time to Fess-ify the music scene.

6: What do you think of the contestants left in the Academy?

They are cool guys and I wish them all the best

7: Who do you think will win?

I don’t know. All the contestants are very good. Any of them can and deserve to win. You see, they can do it. And the competition is so unpredictable. Anything can happen based on song choice and competition. 

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