70 Ambulances, 140 Police Cars, Forensic Lab… Here’s What Alfred Mutua Has Done in Machakos This Year

November 26, 2013

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has been labelled the best performing governor in Kenya. Some have even called him the only performing governor.
President Kenyatta recently launched the Machakos city project, and the Governor has been personally supervising construction works at the Kenyatta Stadium.
Wrong are you if you thought those were his only major projects.

Here is what Mutua has done in Machakos this year, or plans to do next year.

1. Kenyatta Stadium converted into a 10,000 seater, with new toilets, dressing rooms and a green pitch. Just one months ago, the place was just a patch of dry sand and dust.

2. Construction of the ‘Machakos People’s Park’ a 35-Acre park which sits by Maruba Dam in Machakos Town. It has Africa’s only  field Amphitheater, and will be open on Thursday next week.

3. 40 tractors are already ploughing farms for free together with free seed in subsidized fertilizer in a Food Security Subsidy programme.

4. 2 million chicks are being given to the youth in the county.

5. 60 roads in 40 wards will from December 10,2013 start to be repaired and maintained.

6. From January 2014, Ksh. 464M will be used to upgrade 40 Healthcare Centers to Community Hospital standards each with a ward, x-rays lab, mini theatre and maternity.

7. 70 ambulances-one per location will be distributed from December 20th this year.

8. 140 police and specialized vehicles will be launched either late December 2013 or early January 2014. They are in transit in the open seas.

9. Machawood will open its doors in January next year.

10. Machakos Forensics and Research Centre will start operating on January 15, 2014.

11. 800 floodlights will be installed in the county between January and March 2014.

12. 500 CCTVs will be installed in the county by end of January 2014.

13. Water drilling rigs and excavators are on order and will be on the ground from February 2014 to dig 700 boreholes, 500 dams and water pans together with installation of 300 water tanks in Machakos County.

What is your governor doing in the meantime?

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