On Sunday during Tusker Project Fame’s probation night, controversial blogger Robert Alai happened to pick on the academy principal Eric Wainaina.
In his characteristic self, the blogger made a harsh comment about the singer – a decision he’s probably regretting.
A close-up shot of Eric Wainaina makes him look like a fat mboch on TV. #TPF6″ that was his tweet.

It appears that Eric got wind of it yesterday, and gave Alai the perfect reply.

Thanks @RobertAlai you’re always so encouraging. I’ve always wanted to look like a fat domestic worker

That motivated other Kenyans on Twitter to speak out on how they really feel about Alai. The tweets were many and vicious. Here are a few.

Eric Wainaina’s response has knocked Alai back to the colonial era. LOOL – @Masaku_

Eric Wainaina bodied Alai in just one tweet! LOL – @SalivaVic

I didn’t know Alai’s real name is Simon of Cyrene. – @masaku_

Alai alizimwa na fire extinguisher, mchanga na foam by Eric wainana hio hata haina come back una lenga kama chuviu…” – @JoeWMuchiri

That Alai’s mboch tweet ricocheted on him like a 9mm round does on lead plate – @alan_wachira

Lol alai is a sick fuck though! You’ll lol at his sub then a minute later he’s insulting you from his walalahoi a/c. Smh – @Lencer_B

Alai anachapwa stopper anaona afadhali lane yake ya kuuza gadgets kama Gbs – @BorNNy_En

@KResearcher: Before joining the Mau Mau,Robert Alai was a teacher #KenyanHistory” – @EvansO_

#Celebrating50Years of ujinga ya Alai – @razy_kushite

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