Two Women Nearly Exchange Blows Along Waiyaki Way After Their Vehicles Almost ‘Touch’

October 29, 2013
The ladies after the confrontation [Photo||Standard]

Two female motorists nearly exchanged blows along Waiyaki Way last Friday, the Nairobian is reporting. 
This was after a near collision.

Apparently, the two were speeding before the one in front braked suddenly near Chiromo. The lady behind, driving a Vitz, screeched to point of slamming into her.

Visibly angry, the lady checked her car’s bumper, before confronting the Nissan Sunny driver. The two women exchanged harsh words, raising fingers at each other, oblivious of the fact that they had parked in the middle of the road.
Passers-by seemed to enjoy the drama, but the lady in the Nissan Sunny sped off after a few minutes. The other one was probably loving the attention, as she did not move her vehicle for more than 15 minutes, leaving other motorists to use the other lane.
Most of this time she was on her phone.

Credit – Nairobian
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