The 13 Women You Should Never Date

October 2, 2013

1. Control freak: This woman is dominant and wants to show that she’s the supreme being. From choosing a place to eat and movies to choosing who you should hangout with, she takes a call. Sometimes you wonder if you exist at all.

2. Where’s the money honey: Call it daylight robbery. This kind of girl will fleece you to no end and successfully make you fodder for ‘from riches to rag’ story! She will never volunteer to go dutch even to save her self-esteem. For instance, if you tell her: “We can’t watch this movie as I am broke,” she would much rather say “another day” than saying, “I’ll pay.” She lets you fend for all her needs. She loves gifts, bouquets, cards or pampering of any kind. She’s for all the materialistic things in the world. She keeps dropping hints on what she likes so you can buy them for her! To her, giving her comforts and luxury is what love is all about. Should she find a richer guy… bloke you are broke!

3. Girl talk: She’s forever talking about her BFF. She coaxed you into celebrating her birthday and makes sure she’s around all the time. Her BFF always tags along and you don’t have privacy at all.

4. All eyes on him: Well, this is the kind of girl who no man wants. Just when you feel you are dating the best girl in town and put her in ‘your wish is my command’ position. Then dude, you have lost it! Her actual crush is on your friend and she uses you to get to him! Would you mind doing the favour?

5. She’s a born star: And you are the loser…No offense meant. But that’s exactly how your situation will be if you happen to date the most popular chick in your college. Your ego gets a boost every time someone says ‘Hey! good catch.’ However, the reality bites! It’s her and her all the way. You have no identity whatsoever. You may be a hunk. But you are still referred to as ‘her boyfriend’. Would you like to live in her shadow?

6. Comparisons galore: You are trying to put forth your best side. You want to prove that you are a great boyfriend. However, she will never let you be in peace or be content with your efforts to make her happy. She’s constantly comparing you to her Ex or refers to her Ex with ‘He was this’, ‘He would do this’ which irks and hurts you to say the least.

7. Complaint box: She loves to hate you. She’s forever cribbing about how you are doing everything wrong. She finds fault with all that you have done and have no appreciation for anything you have done till now. At this rate, you will lose your confidence and self-respect.

8. Miss Jealous: She hates your best friend from Day 1. She makes it known to him and you at every given opportunity. She goes out of her way to come up with ways to break your friendship. She wants all the attention to herself. You find yourself lying to her whenever you have to meet your buddy for lunch or catch up on a sport or a movie. She doesn’t give you space and should you ignore her text messages or choose not to answer her calls, then you have had it! And you began to feel love life sucks.

9. Possessed demon: She picks up a fight every time your female friend’s number starts flashing on your mobile. She keeps track of your call records and text messages to make sure you are not communicating with any other girl. She wouldn’t even introduce her best friend to you … highly insecure girl!

10. Looks are deceptive: Your joy knew no bounds when the most beautiful girl in college proposed to you. However, a few days into the relationship and you realise she’s not your type. You won’t let your ego take a beating by letting go of her. At the same time, you begin to feel like you are her arm candy.

11. Emotional fools: It’s only been a month of courtship and she already wants to get married! You don’t even know each other so well, but she feels she has known you enough and doesn’t care how you feel about it. She’s so attached to you that she starts observing fasts for you! Before you say How nice..wait, there’s more to come…she’s emotionally very attached to you and sends you all kinds of sentimental forwards. You become a laughing stock among your friends as she gets superstitious about every damn thing. She traps you emotionally and there’s no way out!

12. Feminists: She was born to empower, enlighten and save women from the chauvinistic men on earth. Her talks begins and ends with ‘how men are a**h***s’. This biased girl will have no respect for you just because you are her boyfriend. Your girl friend fits the frame? Time to move on and get a life buddy!

13. Promiscuous lovers: Some women take pride in the fact that they can double cross without letting the other man know. Worse, they are not embarrassed at all. Their BFFs are privy to the details..which means you are made to look like a fool. Love is all about honesty and loyalty. Would you want a cheating girl for a lover?

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