It’s Only Happening on Your Authoritative Station K24… Jeff Koinange’s Tongue Slips on Second Day At KTN

October 4, 2013
Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange concluded what was a great show last night with an epic blunder; he inserted K24 in place of KTN.
“It’s only happening on your authoritative station K24.” That was his closing statement, and he did not even realize what he had just done until someone, probably the director, informed him.

A vividly shocked Jeff was seen trying to correct his statement, but it was too late as his voice had been muted.

He!he! Jeff… Did u jst say K24 on ur KTN show… #JKL
— Denis Kamau (@DKamau1) October 3, 2013

Jeff Koinange and Ole Lenku are twins… Jeff said “authoritative station @K24 for his show in KTN #JKL
— Nicholas Kinyua (@Nic_kinyua) October 3, 2013

#JKL Jeff hapo mwisho u went a sleep, it’s ktn not k24
— Joshua Caleb (@Joshua_Caleb) October 3, 2013

@KoinangeJeff awesome show it was… despite the slip of tongue…K24 lol.. #JKL
— Gerrard Kosgei (@cardkosy) October 3, 2013

Ati k24??? Hehehe #jkl
— Christian Onyando (@chrisoriso) October 3, 2013

@KoinangeJeff just said K24??? Oooh my! #JKL
— Eric Amunga (@amerix) October 3, 2013

BREAKING NEWS!!! Kenya unveils new TV Station!!! KTN24!!! @KoinangeJeff #JKL
— Bitonye _Laban Odie (@bitonye_laban) October 3, 2013

The experienced journalist had been working at K24 until late last year, after getting a contract with Arise TV. KTN somehow brought him home from South Africa last month, and in his own words.. The Bench is back.. though this time it’s not an actual bench.

At KTN, he will not enjoy the privilege of saying the phrase he really loved, All Kenyan All The Time, as that is associate with K24.

However, he can keep using some of his other catchy phrases, like the bench, Sssmoking, and of course Someone call G4S.


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