This ‘Radioactive’ Building In Nairobi Is Said To Be Causing Cancer

September 16, 2013

The Law Society of Kenya has told its members to avoid Elgon Place in Upper Hill, Nairobi.
LSK fears that several telecommunication masts next to the building, could be a source of excess radioactive emissions, capable of causing cancer.

LSK chairman Eric Mutua has written to Chief Justice Willy Mutunga asking that the planned relocation of Court of Appeal judges be halted for seven days pending expert analysis, Nation newspaper is reporting.
A University of Nairobi radiology expert will examine the place and report on its suitability. 

“We shall have the independent expert’s report tomorrow. When you look at the report from the Radiation Board, it seems to suggest that something more needs to be done.”
“This is an issue of safety of members and the public. It would be very unfortunate to expose people to that building without making certain that the equipment is not radiating excessively,” Mr Mutua said.
Mutua warned that they will go to court, if the judiciary remains adamant about the relocation, before the expert report is out.

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