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September 16, 2013

This is getting out of hand. On every media report, on TV, Radio or newspaper, Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero allegedly slapped Shebesh.

Before the video was aired, it was fair to say so. It was also safer for the media house lest they be told to prove that it happened, in a court of law.

Just how scared can our media houses be. A little over one hour after posting the slap video on YouTube on that fateful day, Capital FM brought it down with no explanation or apology. Minutes later, NTV uploaded their own, and this has been the reference point to this day. As of this writing, it has been viewed over Two hundred thousand times on YouTube and much more on TV.

However, despite the very clear shot, Kidero still allegedly slapped Shebesh.

Allege – Claim or assert that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case. (web definitions)

If the video is not proof enough to drop the ‘alleged’, I don’t know what is.

As late as last night, KTN was still using the word, as shown on the screenshot above.

Here are some comments on the same from Twitter.

We’re still saying Kidero “ALLEGEDLY” slapped Shebesh? Did we all allegedly watch that video?
— Brian K. (@Yenyewe) September 15, 2013

And just like Kidero, I’ve allegedly tweeted this tweet.
— Lloyd (@c10udNiN3) September 15, 2013

Why do they keep using the word ‘allegedly’ when referring to the Kidero slap?
— •͡.̮ •͡ Miss Dee (@caroledee) September 11, 2013

Frank Shebesh calls Evans Kidero a coward & a liar after he allegedly slapped his wife Rachel. Exclusive to @ntvkenya pic.twitter.com/RT3TLPZg9g
— Larry Madowo (@LarryMadowo) September 8, 2013

“Kidero ALLEGEDLY slapped Shebesh”. SMFH!
— Kim Ntongai (@Ntongai_) September 15, 2013

And here is the video of the ‘alleged’ slap.

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