This is The Guy Who Runs Caroline Mutoko’s Fake Twitter Account

September 6, 2013
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KISS 100 radio presenter, Caroline Mutoko has time and again said she doesn’t have a Twitter account. She however has a big presence on Facebook, with her page commanding over 300,000 likes.

Just called Caroline Mutoko, she is not on twitter. Those responding to the fake handle are just promoting an attention seeker.
— Dęññís Ökarí (@DennisOkari) September 5, 2013

Yesterday, following Mike Sonko’s outburst on radio, the guy running Mutoko’s fake handle, @Caroline_Mutoko, posted some very ugly tweets.
The kind that can get anyone in trouble with the law.

#SonkoMeltDown Choices has consequences live with It .. Nairobi we chose a useless street kid for a senator.. — Caroline Mutoko (@Caroline_Mutoko)

Mike sonko should know i am used to threats #SonkoMeltdown— Caroline Mutoko (@Caroline_Mutoko) 

Were it not for the drugs he sells probably he could be somewhere near Gikomba begging #SonkoMeltdown— Caroline Mutoko (@Caroline_Mutoko)  

Guys like Mike Sonko are the reason why girls turn lesbian. Very useless Cunt#SonkoMeltdown— Caroline Mutoko (@Caroline_Mutoko)

These tweets were quoted by several blogs (not this one), as Mutoko’s response to Sonko. However, later in the day, it emerged that the guy running the fake account (now deleted), is one Polycarp Bosire.

This screenshot by Robert Alai, shows what seems like a conversation between Polycarp and Caroline Mutoko some time back.
The guy even gave Mutoko his phone number, thinking it was funny to impersonate.

It’s not clear whether Mutoko allowed it to continue or involved the police.

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