Wahu Seeking Name Suggestions For Her One Month Old ‘Nameless’ Daughter

September 6, 2013

Technically she’s half nameless. 
About one month ago, singer Wahu gave birth to a baby girl, and called her Nyakio. Together with her husband Nameless, they have not been able to settle on a second name.

On Wednesday, Wahu took to Facebook to seek some name suggestions.

So, im a strong believer in giving babies names with positive meanings  im really happy with my 1 month old’s name – nyakio- which means ‘hard working’, but i’d appreciate the assistance of the creative people on this page in getting a 2nd name…preferably african…that has an equally strong meaning. Waiting on your feedback guys! 

A lot of names were thrown her way, including: Sarafina, Trufosa, Nyakuma, Özil, Waitherero, Bensouda, etc.
Others suggested that she first gets a name for her husband.

Following over 300 name suggestions, the singer will surely have a big decision to make.

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