Mutahi Ngunyi: The Referendum is Meant To Feed Raila’s Ego

August 15, 2013

The push for a referendum to do away with Tyranny of Numbers is gaining momentum. Yesterday, Raila Odinga promised to start discussions with all parties, so that a decision on how to go about it can be made.

The CORD faction is angry that two communities can come together and produce a president, regardless of the voting of the other 40. Visibly angry James Orengo and Johnstone Muthama have been leading the calls.
Some Kenyans however see the calls for a referendum as a move centered around Raila, with an objective of satisfying his ego. That may explain why they are now referring it as Raila’s Referendum or ‘RAOferendum’

President Uhuru attacked Raila yesterday, saying he was one of those leading the YES campaign, which eventually carried the day. He said that it is now time to implement the constitution, not to amend it.

On Twitter, the man credited with the phrase Tyranny of Numbers, Mutahi Ngunyi, was giving his take.
He said that the M4M movement and the constitutional amendment calls are only aimed at feeding Raila’s ego, who he believes will lead the Luo nation nowhere.

M4M referendum will happen at zero option.We cannot stop it. Its a clever civilian coup.But it will fail because it aims to feed Raila’s ego
— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) August 14, 2013

The Luo Nation and CORD appendages should be liberated from the Raila bondage. He is a rocking chair – keeps them busy,takes them nowhere.
— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) August 14, 2013

Mutahi had previously noted that an idle Raila will continue to be a headache to the Jubilee government.
He also tweeted that Uhuru should go hard on Raila, if he wants to survive up there.

Uhuru-Ruto Honeymoon is over. They should stop holding hands and deal with Raila unapologetically and decisively. The man is re-grouping!
— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) June 8, 2013

You do not recite poetry to a man attacking with a sword. Our two leaders have become poets as CORD breaks into their political residence
— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) July 10, 2013

Uhuru/Ruto continue to be casual about Raila. The 2005 Referendum moment for Kibaki, and the 1982 coup moment for Moi, will hit them earlier
— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) July 21, 2013

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