Kenyans Reactions To That Rude Tujuane Chic Last Night… Eda Atieno

August 21, 2013

Last night, a lady on KTN’s Tujuane pulled a Mirfat or something just as bad. In fact, she may have been worse.
Eda Atieno, was the girl of the night. She has added a few hundred followers on her twitter handle @eda_atieno and basically, she’s still trending. 

If you didn’t watch that episode, you only have yourself to blame… but anyway, we’ll have the link up as soon as it’s available.

To get a slight idea, 
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On Twitter, the hash tag #Tujuane was trending as always, and this is what Kenyans had to say.

She hasn’t dated many Africans. She has dated many Chinese. Maybe she deals in ivory. #Tujuane – @RobertAlai

This chick is so fake she is forcing her English #Tujuane – @quinomondi 
Attitude -130% Beauty – 5% FOH! #Tujuane – @Tusk8rman

This chic has a personality problem #Tujuane – @FreddMwithiga

Can you afford me? “No thanks i have enough shoes” – @masaku_

Looking for a dude with “money” on #tujuane just shows how you ain’t smart – @oj42

Lmfaoo!! I want a classy man” na hio sura ya Mugabe? Huwes mek #Tujuane” – @carolinespencer

“Can you afford me?” My foot. Chic looks like alipitia hapo Engarasha for that dress and sandals at a cost of 3soc max. – @OliverMathenge

this chic is so ratchet then she has all these expectations. She needs a reality check #tujuane – @JKwonyike

According to my Form 3 Biology, the equipment is the same so long as it’s not diseased. Why overpay for one big headache? #Tujuane – @bensonndehi

I like #Tujuane because I always get to hear accents I never knew existed before . –  ‏@WofaArman

This gal thinks she is kim kardashian …nkt #tujuane – @innohcenty 
Maendeleo ya wanaume to call a crisis meeting to discuss the continued humiliation of men in #Tujuane – @ericpal

Anyway, as Aiyeiya said on Churchill on Sunday, saa zingine wanaume tunaconfuse ujinga na patience.. E.g 
That #Tujuane dude! – @OliverMathenge

Chick, what you are trying only works for hawt mamas not anyone. #Tujuane – @DjRillance

And you ask why I once poured a bottle of Guiness on a chic’s weave on a date???? #Tujuane – @Di_Macharia

That chic needs a high five, on the face, with a cactus! #Tujuane” – @Jay_Kamau  

Just from seeing an ugly blonde on #Tujuane  – @bdochieng

Nikipatana na huyo dem wa #tujuane akinigotea sasa, namjibu FEET!! –  ‏@VonBecks

Apology Still not Accepted “@Kimanzi_: KWS has released an apology for releasing out one of their most feared animals #tujuane” – @Miss_MoIrene

#tujuane that chic’s face, accent, everything…. should be sent on compulsory leave like shollei – @njiiru

#tujuane she’s a gold dogger, with that face, she must move to south africa and do it literally to make her own money.  – @njiiru

I feel so bad for missing today’s #tujuane episode, I hear it was a chiq from Jkuat Karen?? this is where I disown them – @jesstracie

Balala wewe iko wapi…does this lady have a gold digging licence…ama yake ni ya Beijing #Tujuane…cc @tunajibu – @okweroh

jst seen ths #tujuane chics profile kumbe anabonyeza ashinde mattress..” – @mosi254

Was wondering why most of her shit is fake, accent, weave, nails and all. Nw i knw. Shes frm china #tujuane”- @Lynnmidecha

Even OLX can’t sell that chic on #Tujuane – @vanskyb9

Today’s #tujuane was a disgrace to the darkskin community – @Sarkwozy

Someone’s asking me to ‘put myself in her shoes’…i was like ‘damn?! She is the shoe…’ #Tujuane –  ‏@BillMbau

That #Tujuane bitch! No wonder some people opt for goats and cows! – @vonHarrison

“Check the dishes section ‘@Makosewe: Nani huyo anauza Atieno kwa OLX? Wajameni #Tujuane” – @Immanu3

#Tujuane eda atieno ni kiatu, anafaa aanzishe campaign ya ‘Akala kwa Face’ – @njiiru

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