K24 To Set To Launch Their Own Tujuane

August 27, 2013

Struggling Television station K24 is set to launch their own dating show in a few weeks time, if word on social media is to be believed.
This morning, the station even hosted Eda Atieno, the ‘classy’ girl on KTN’s Tujuane last week, though the move may not mean much.

When confronted with the question on whether the station is launching a dating show, Mediamax Group General Manager Peter Opondo refused to deny. instead stating that ‘concepts are worlds apart’.
He added that we should expect the new show in less than 3 weeks. Already, the station has started airing the promo.

Here are some of the conversations Peter Opondo was having on Twitter last night.

@peteropondo Lets have something that other stations can copy from, not copying other peoples programmes @amerix @k24tv  – @TeeMwangemi

@TeeMwangemi for now I’ll take the criticism, it is healthy! Let’s wait and see the product, then we’ll talk more! @amerix @k24tv – Peter Opondo

This now laughable, #KOT, be informed that @K24tv is starting its own version of #Tujuane. Coming soon. I have seen the promo !  – @amerix

@amerix. You’re right, it’s truly laughable that @K24Tv could be starting its own version of Tujuane, let’s wait and see- a few weeks to go! – Peter Opondo

@peteropondo dont copy, be original. Go out listen to creatives. They can give some of the most interesting selling ideas. @amerix @k24tv  – @NyamwageO

@NyamwangeO we’ve listened to the creatives- we’re creating, not copying… But thanks for the criticism, makes us better! @amerix @k24tv – Peter Opondo

@amerix: @PeterOpondo by the end, we shall say ” hiyo ni #Tujuane ya K24″ @NyamwangeO @K24Tv” the concepts are actually worlds apart!
— Peter Opondo (@PeterOpondo) August 26, 2013

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