14 Year Old Gives Birth To Triplets in Bungoma… The Father of the Kids is 16

August 28, 2013

A 14 year old girl on Sunday gave birth to triplets at Bungoma District Hospital. The girl, Mwanaharabu Wamukoya, of Harambee village in Kakamega County was admitted on Saturday evening, and had a C-Section, where she delivered the three boys.

Two of the new-borns weighed 1.5 kilogrammes while the third one weighed 1.3 kilogrammes.

Reportedly, the babies’ father, a 16 year old, took off on learning that the girl had given birth to triplets. He is a school dropout and apparently does menial jobs.
“He has no ability to take care of the babies even if he was here. We are grateful to the government for scrapping off maternity fees because I will be free to go home once discharged. I would have been detained here if I had been asked to pay,” the teenage mother said.

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