Daily Nation Advertiser Seeking Medical Help Exposed As a Conman – Details Inside

August 29, 2013

This morning, an observant Kenyan has exposed a scam exploiting human sympathy to milk money from Kenyans.
A newspaper advert on page 30 of today’s Daily Nation (29th August 2013), titled ‘NOTICE FOR MEDICAL APPEAL’, seeks financial help from Kenyans of goodwill.

Apparently, Master Calvin Wanzila is suffering from a liver disease, requiring a transplant in India. The cost of the operation is indicated as Sh2.7 million.

Laren Galloway

However, the whole advert is a scam because the child whose picture is used, and whose name is given as Master Calvin Wanzila, is actually Laren Galloway – an American black child who gained world fame for his unique blue eyes.

The conman/woman running the ad possibly just picked up a Google image, and unfortunately someone found out.

The advertiser has given a bank account with the name Ruth Wanzila Pauline.
An Mpesa number, 0725 445 438, is also provided. 
We sent some money to that number and from the transaction details, the owner goes by the name Ruth Pauline.
We’re not sure if such a person really exists.

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