President Uhuru Tells Exceptional Crane Operator at The Port To ‘See Him Kando’

August 29, 2013

As the region was celebrating the commissioning of a new berth at the port of Mombasa that will increase efficiency and capacity, a crane operator at the port was celebrating for a very different reason.

Apparently, the man had broken a record by offloading 300 containers in a single day, and somehow word reached the president.
“Na ata yule operator wa crane ambaye juzi alivunja rekodi ya kontainer mia tatu, anione kando tuongee…” (That crane operator who broke the record with 300 containers should see me later we talk…) the president said with a thumbs up, amid cheers from the crowd.

Whatever the two discussed is of course a matter of speculation, but we can safely assume his pockets went home more loaded. 

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