10 Shocking Quotes From Last Night’s Tujuane Lady… Eda Atieno

August 21, 2013
You missed last night Tujuane, you missed out.. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. 
Perhaps you’ve heard everyone talking about last night’s episode, and you’re there wondering what did she do.. Well, we’ll tell you.

The following are some of Eda Atieno’s quotes from last night (Parental Guidance is Advised)


1. I don’t care if people call me a gold digger, I can’t date a nobody 

2. You talk so slowly… can you ask in English?

3. I’ve stayed in Beijing – Do you know Beijing? Do you know what country it’s in?

4. He did not pull my chair, I had to ask him.

 –Immediate reply

She’s ugly enough to pull her own chair
— Masaku (@masaku_) August 20, 2013

5. You have to treat me right., I believe am classy. You have to take me out to good places, take me on drives on weekend..

6. Do you believe you’re romantic.

7. That dude just sucks.. We just met and he was just so annoying.

8. Its been a pleasure meeting you, I had fun, but i dont think your that man i want

9. Can you afford me?


10. Generally, the date was so boring and annoying.. The place was good, the food delicious but the dude sucked to death.

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