The Difference Between a KU Chic and a USIU Chic

July 17, 2013

Kenyatta University (KU) and United States International University (USIU), are only separated by a few kilometres, but the two have practices miles apart. 
The former being a government institution attracts students from all walks of life, from every corner of the country. 
The other, being a relished private institution, attracts people from all over, but mostly those with money. 

This without a doubt causes fundamental differences between students of the two. 
Here are some differences between a KU chic and a USIU chic.

A typical USIU chic dresses like a model day in day out. Make up further enhances her beauty. A good number are light skinned, and we all love light skin.
This chic is aware of the latest fashion trends and always keeps up. She never does her shopping anywhere ‘south’ of Moi Avenue. 

A KU chic on the other hand is modest in her clothing. Simple but elegant once in a while. The staple shoe here is the ‘condom shoe’. Everyone has several. Good thing is they’re all weather.
She is a loyal customer at enNgarasha, and occasionally makes trips to Moi Avenue to window shop what she’ll be looking for at Gikomba.

Date Locations
When taking a USIU chic on a date, it has to be classy. A good crib would be nice, but a decent hotel would be better. Just use your common sense and choose some place that can accommodate those 7 inch heels.

KU men are very lucky on this one I must say. Take her to the student annex and the chic be singing your praise all month long.
Some chics may even be comfortable having the date in the on campus students’ hostels, as long as you treat her with respect.

A USIU chic will play hard to get. Very much expected considering she gets a treat from the masseur once a month, when you’re just here probably wondering who’s that.
She may fail to pick up your phone once in a while. 
Now, when you hear that some ladies reply to your 3 paragraph long text message with a ‘k’, or a stupid smiley, they’re probably from here.
To add salt on the ‘k’, she demands total allegiance and availability from you. When she says you show up, you must show up.

A KU chic is easy to be with. She understands the principle of give and take and is never very demanding. Unless after a big fight, she’ll always pick your phone. 
She loves taking walks with her man, and this is evidenced by the many couples on the streets of the main campus. 

Perception of Love
If you’re rich, popular or hot, a USIU chic will die for you. She loves the kind of guy her friends will talk about. 
Her love for attention means her man should too, or at least command it without necessarily loving it. Mostly, the USIU chic is determined to get what she wants, and at times she goes to extremes to keep her man. Don’t be surprised if she brings you packed lunch… everyday.

A KU chic is quite different on this one. A good number here are okay with the laid back type of guys. The type that live just to live.. Average everything.
If you declare genuine interest in her, she’s yours.

This article is an adaptation of Capital Campus’ article with the same title. (The difference between a KU chic and USIU chic).

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