Now Nduku Kilonzo Pulls Out of Makueni Senate Race and Backs Daughter Kethi

June 12, 2013

On Monday, Kenyans were getting ready for a Nduku – Kethi duel for the Makueni senate seat. All indications were that the two would battle it out for the seat. 

Newspapers had already prepared their headlines, but at 8:16 am, even before proper sales, that news became stale after Kethi announced on twitter that she had dropped out of the race.

Read: Kethi Kilonzo Drops Out of Makueni Senate Race

This was her short statement.

A child does not compete with the mother. It is a curse. I will not support Jubilee. To stand with my father’s enemies is a worse curse.

Today is a dark day. May the people of Makueni and all who have stood with me one day find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Now, Standard is reporting that Nduku Kilonzo will not be running for the vacant seat after all. Apparently, Nduku revealed that following advice from people close to her, she decided not to go for the seat.
“I had a meeting on Monday night with members of my family including my children, brothers, sisters and close friends. They have advised me that this is not the right time and I am still mourning the loss of my husband. There will be another time,” she said. 

Nduku also added “I have withdrawn from the race. It’s hard to run in the election in the same month that I am celebrating my late husband’s birthday. My role now is to hold my family together and run my late husband’s businesses, including his ranch.”

She has also pledged to throw her full weight behind her step daughter Kethi. 
“I will throw my support behind Kethi should she decide to run. I will fully support her.” she stated.

It is however not clear if Kethi will get back into the race in light of this new development. She was unreachable on Tuesday, and therefore all eyes will be on her twitter handle @finclegal
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