H0RNY Kiambu Man Caught Doing it With Cow.. Now Kenyans Attack People of Kiambu ‘COWNTY’ – Hilarious

June 25, 2013

Last night in the news, a Kiambu man was beaten mercilessly by residents after he was caught having s*x with pregnant cow.

This morning, Kenyans have taken to social media, their target being Kiambu people. Some comments are funny, some disgusting and others just dirty. Here are some of the interesting ones.

There’s beef in Kiambu! Residents are threatening to grab the bull by the horns and other…parts. Authorities say they will not be cowed!

When the Cow gives birth, the Kiambu guy will dedicate 2-Pac’s song, CALFonia Love.

In Kiambu #ThingsNotToSayAfterSex are ‘where is ur COWnty?’, ‘you the best COWgal ever, i thought u were a COWard, thank God u didnt COWn me

In A Kiambu campus,guys attend “The Freshians Bash” expecting to get lucky

In Kiambu a cow has to be given escort by at least two bulls. its that serious. the COWnty has gone COWital and everyone wants a COWgal.

Kiambu bagahs be like, “I want a Cowgar”

Kiambu men walk into a butchery and get boners?

You see it as an advert Kiambu men see it as seduction. #KccMilk

Wasee wa Kiambu ni Moooooo fire.

Kiambu men be like ”wanawake wamemea pembe sana siku hizi

Hahahah, ati huyo jamma wa Kiambu anaitwa Ndegwa.

Kiambu COWnty Cows are realy suffering. Donge?

Now the bull that sired the Kiambu cow is like… “how am I even sure the calf is mine? Moe been cheating on me with Moofuckers”

Haha, ati men in Kiambu now blame the talking cow KCC advert. Apparently ‘her’ voice is just too sexy to resist.

U just hia tweeting n samwhere in kiambu a man is milking n he is assured thats enaf foreplay

Kiambu men be like “I need some MOOOO “

When a kiambu man says ..’The cow has refused’ thats code name for ‘FriendZoned’

Kiambu bulls be like…haki yetu…

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