10 Things You Did Not Know About Wahu

June 24, 2013

1. She had her first crush when she just 7 years old.

2. After clearing High School, she wanted to go to a hair-dressing school, but her mum would hear none of it.

3. She grew up with the idea of becoming an air hostess.

4. She hates driving manual cars, especially uphill.

5. She is a confessed shoe-holic; she finds it hard to walk past a good shoe dealer. In fact she owns racks of shoes at home.

6. Although she is scared of darkness, she has to act all brave so that her little girl, Tumiso, doesn’t freak out.

7. Just like her husband, Nameless, she still gets stage-fright when getting on stage even after many years in showbiz.

8. For her to fall asleep, she needs noise; so the TV or Hi-Fi system is always on even late in the night.

9. To care for her face, Wahu uses raw potatoes, tomatoes and cucumber; a treatment she terms as not only inexpensive but also very effective.

10. She loves avocadoes in all her meals. She can eat them with anything from bread, beans, ugali to French fries.

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