Wahu Confirms Pregnancy Rumours

May 22, 2013

Artiste Wahu has confirmed that she’s indeed pregnant as rumoured some time back. 
Last night, the singer whose husband is another celebrated artiste, Nameless, dedicated some minutes to take questions from her fans. She promised to answer the first 20.

 Ask Wahu Anything session!! you ask, i answer, BUT I CAN ONLY ANSWER FIRST 20 QUESTIONS!! ….Ready? set? Go!

Over 200 questions were asked, but as promised, Wahu only answered 20.. 25 exactly. One Grace Wanja asked, is it true that ur paged?” To which the singer replied, yes i am :-)”

Kagure Waweru inquired about when we should expect her second born, and this was the reply.. “veeerrryyy soon!!! :-)”

Byron Tucker then asked how many kids she was planning to have – “How Many Kidz Are U Planning To Hav?”
Wahu replied, “3 kids if God wishes!” 

When someone enquired about her age, she dodged the question.
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