Shameless Kenyans Cyber Bully Kiss 100’s Linda Nyangweso Over Her Weight

May 9, 2013
When it comes to the internet, particularly Twitter, most Kenyans think they’re invincible. So called bigwigs often believe that it starts and stops with them. Though this may be true for some trending topics, it is disgusting when they pick on innocent people.

Yesterday, a picture of Kiss 100’s Linda Nyangweso surfaced on Twitter, and some ‘hungry’ Kenyans on Twitter saw this opportunity to attack the presenter over her weight. 

Linda Nyangweso (centre)

Below are some of the comments, without the names of those who made them, (except the first one)

@JoeWMuchiri: That MoMokward MoMoment when Linda Nyangweso books a table for 2 ok

Asi Linda Nyangweso i now insist on meetin da person rather deceivin swt voice

Na venye Linda Nyangweso uko na a sweet voice!! I think #Kiss100’s CEO should be suspended till he finds ‘good eyes’

“Ka hujaimeet dem don’t let her sweet voice fool you” ~said Linda Nyangweso’s Ex crying

Linda nyangweso doesn’t look like her voice..

Hehe I see people are shocked with how Linda Nyangweso looks like. Hehe! Well, that’s the reason she never cleared USIU.”

Linda Nyangweso has two identity cards.

Linda Nyangweso is those mamas who have hobbies like sitting down, ordering a pizza and cooking.

Linda Nyangweso makes Kalekye look like a model.

But that Lions Place should be having the strongest foundation. Kalekye and Linda Nyangweso can sink a house

HAHA but am MoMortified I just saw a pic of Linda Nyangweso last

Linda Nyangweso is the woman on @KissNairobi who is double your length size

Linda Nyangweso akienda gym ye huinua chuma na shingo ndo maana that thin lady voice” hahaha! Wachia hapo!

Linda Nyangweso ate her kisii accent too 

ukitaka kuchukua linda Nyangweso picha itabidi umempiga na panaroma..

Linda Nyangweso hawezi kua instagram…labda instaKILOgram

linda nyangweso huwezi mwingiza box, labda umwingize lotto tank

ukipiga linda nyangweso picha, instead ya format ya JPEG, inajisave format ya JPIG”

Linda Nyangweso hupimwa weight kwa weighing bridge pale Mlolongo

This Linda Nyangweso discussion is such a weighty issue…”

Some Kenyans were however sympathetic.

Internet bullying is rife in this country… I feel for Linda Nyangweso, I hope this lifts her esteem. Big or not she still human *sad*

Peeps out here mocking Linda Nyangweso and they single. They have no idea how Linda’s guy be having fun with all that.

Linda nyangweso is beautiful inside, hav u heard her voice in kiss 100…

 Make fun of someone’s character. But exactly how does Linda Nyangweso’s weight offend you?? Shame.

being overweight is a health risk and that is a FACT….however,the mean comments abt linda nyangweso are unnecessary

It is however encouraging that even after all that, Linda had no hard feelings and put on a brave face in these tweets.

omg woke up this morning to realize people have discovered my secret:I’M FAT!!*#brushshoulders*#whatsnew #livingmylifelikeitsgolden! lol
— Lynda Nyangweso (@thatchickLynda) May 9, 2013

@mboyapatrick good morning! read them but i’m still here!!have a great day Patrick
— Lynda Nyangweso (@thatchickLynda) May 9, 2013

UPDATE: @JoeWMuchiri ‘s name given because he was leading the efforts.
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