‘Otonglo Time’ Writer Assaulted by Thugs – Photo

May 19, 2013

Cliff Nyakwar Dani, the writer of the famous play ‘Otonglo Time’, was on Thursday last week attacked by thugs, who made away with his valuables after leaving him with deep cuts. 
Cliff posted this on Facebook.

I almost got killed by thugs tonight. they’ve made away with my phone and left me with a very deep cut on my head. I am better though, the cut has been stitched up.

Cliff is not particularly popular like his student Daniel Owira, who made headlines after giving a stand out performance of ‘Otonglo Time’ at State House Mombasa. He went ahead to do a TV commercial, appearances in two TV programmes, and of course the famous guided tour of State House by the president himself, with the school sponsorship it came with. 

We wish Cliff a speedy recovery.

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